Recover Deleted Files

In the modern world, information is all-important. For this reason, lost files or accidentally deleted folders may turn to be a serious problem. After all, they can contain weeks, months, and even years of hard work, tons of important data, crucial business information, contacts, valuable photos and videos. Some work will require many man-hours to be repeated, and some lost data cannot be repeated at all.

However, there is a simple and yet powerful remedy. Lost or deleted files can be easily recovered with Advanced File Recovery.

Usually deleted files are put into the Recycle Bin. Later these files can be easily recovered, if necessary, without any additional means. You can simply open the Recycle Bin, select required files and choose to recover them.

But what if the Recycle Bin has been already emptied? Or if necessary files have been deleted because of a virus attack?

Advanced File Recovery is a special tool that can recover lost and deleted files from all types of media. If you cannot find some important files anymore, it's time to give Advanced File Recovery a try.

Unlike other similar undelete tools, Advanced File Recovery offers a special feature: it allows previewing deleted files. All most popular file types are supported: Microsoft Office documents (Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word etc.), OpenOffice documents, StarOffice documents, pictures, videos, music. Thus it becomes much easier to find a particular file, especially if the original filename is no more available.

Using the preview feature, you can also make sure that your deleted files are completely recoverable without registering the program. A complete preview guarantees that the file can be recovered by Advanced File Recovery.

Sometimes deleted files may be partially overwritten, which renders them unrecoverable. However, most undelete tools will find and show such files as potentially recoverable (which is perfectly correct). When later the user purchases such a tool, he or she will find out the sad truth about partially overwritten files.

With Advanced File Recovery you don't need to gamble. If the preview feature shows you every single word of your document, there is no doubt about the future recovery. Of course, you should avoid saving anything to the storage device where you need to recover files.

Advanced File Recovery is irreplaceable in the following situations:

  • Files were deleted by mistake.
  • Files or folders were damaged by a virus or by a system failure.
  • Files and folders are no more accessible.
  • Some important files disappeared for no apparent reason.
  • Photos were accidentally deleted from a digital camera.
  • File system was damaged.
  • Disk was physically damaged.
  • Any other case of lost or deleted files.

You can download and try Advanced File Recovery for free.