Advanced File Recovery

Advanced File Recovery is a smart unerase tool that can easily restore mistakenly deleted files. As you launch the program, the recovery wizard offers you some guidance:

File Recovery Wizard - Welcome

Click "Next" to go through simple steps of the file recovery process. Here you should select folders or storage media to scan for deleted files:

Select folders or drives to restore files on

Just check some boxes or add a folder manually. Click "Next". The file recovery wizard will ask you for file names that it should look for. You can let the program scan for a specific filename, for filenames that would match some pattern, or just for all deleted files. If you want to find all deleted files, just keep the asterisk.

Enter a filename pattern to search for

Click "Next" to see a summary. You can adjust some additional settings in order to search more precisely:

Additional file recovery options

Start scanning. Advanced File Recovery will require some time to analyze your drive and to list all files that match your filename pattern. After the scan is complete, you can close the wizard and browse deleted files just like you do with ordinary files using Windows Explorer:

Preview deleted audio file

Advanced File Recovery allows you previewing deleted files. Many different formats are supported: Microsoft Office documents, OpenOffice documents, pictures, audio files, videos etc. On the screenshot above, a deleted audio file is being played.

You can also preview deleted files in a new window. For example, we can watch a deleted movie:

Preview deleted video

For every deleted file, a recovery prognosis is available. You can see it in the file's properties:

Deleted file's properties and recovery prognosis